Our Adoption Process

Here at JustCare Animal Rescue our primary focus is on matching up companion animals with their perfect home, forever. This means we take every step necessary to ensure that the animal and the family will be comfortable with permanent placement.

Our adoption process is as follows.

Step one – Adoption Application

JustCare’s adoption application is the first step to getting your new pet home with you. The form is conveniently located online, and sent directly to our e-mail inbox. After we have received this form, we will call the personal and vet references provided and analyze your lifestyle to see which pet/s we think will work well in your home environment. Click the Adoption Application tab on the menu to fill it out.

Step two – Home Visit

JustCare typically requires a home visit for each potential adopter that Sabine does not know personally. This is just to make sure the home is appropriate for the specific animal potential adopters are interested in. This will be a brief but thorough visit to your home and/or yard and performed either by Sabine or another JustCare volunteer.

Step three – Meet & Greet

Once it has been determined that a potential adopter's home is the right fit for any given animal, arrangements will be made for the potential adopter and their families to meet the animal. If this is a cat, this will occur on site at JustCare Animal Rescue in Oakville WA by appointment. If this is a dog, this will occur either at the foster’s home or at a neutral area such as a park (especially required when meeting potential adopters dog/s).

Step four – Trial

Once the potential adopter has decided they are interested in adding this specific animal to their home, a trial adoption period will be established. Generally for dogs this will be a 2 week trial and for cats ~6 weeks. If the adopter decides that this pairing will not work out within the trial period, a full refund of the adoption fee will be issued and the animal will come back into the rescue.

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