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Cat Cuddles

What you can expect adopting from us:

For your new companion at JustCare Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, adopters are all. You are their new family, and they are yours. We handle our adoptions with utmost care and here's what you should expect:

  • How can I adopt?

    1. If you're interested in adopting, pick the companion you are interested in Click Here

    2. Fill out the online application just click on the link below   

    3. Adoption Application For Cats & Kittens Click Here              

    4. Adoption Application For Dogs & Puppies Click Here

    5. Adoption Application For Farm Animals Click Here

    6. Once the application has been filled out and submitted you can expect a call from a JustCare representative within 24-72 hours

    7. Please check PetFinder to find our adoption prices, they are unique for each companion Click Here

  • Next is the assessment to check compatibility:​

    1. We want to ensure that you and your new companion(s) are a match for you and for them. A JustCare volunteer will reach out to you to set up a meet and greet.

    2. If it is a match, then a JustCare volunteer contact you to do a home check

  • The final step is the adoption of your new companion.

    1. Once all of the steps above have been completed a JustCare volunteer will either bring you your new companion or you can pick them up at the rescue and sanctuary

    2. If your companion is not spayed or neutered because they are too young or there is a medical reason, we require a JustCare Spay & Neuter Contract  to be completed.

Have Questions? Please reach out to us.

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